Reputable Dentists

Seeking out local dentists can be challenging. Especially when you don’t know what makes a qualified dentist, endodontist, prosthodontist, or orthodontist. Fortunately, there are organizations that you can contact to find qualified dentists that have undergone the proper education, written, and clinical examination requirements.

For those in Texas, there’s the Texas Dental Association. For California, there’s the California Dental Associates. If you happen to be in the Orange County, California, area: comes highly recommended in the dental community. They have three dental offices: OC Dental Center Santa Ana, OC Smile Fullerton, and OC Smile Mission Viejo.

For more info, we’ve written a page on state requirements about becoming a dentist in the United States.

Benefits of Joining a Dental Society That You Should Know

Whether you are a dentist, a dental student, or a non-dentist who works in dental research and education, joining a dental society has its benefits.

1. Validation and Prestige

One of the most important things you obtain by joining a dental society is validation. Many customers and consumers consider dental professionals’ membership in a society as further proof that the professional is serious about the world of dentistry and in treating dental patients. Dental societies have thousands and thousands of professionals as members.

2. Information and Study

By joining a dental society, dental professionals and those associated with the dental profession can get access to continued information and education about dentistry. As the months and years go on, the world of dentistry will continue to change and evolve. The dental professionals who have kept up with the changes in dental technology and information will be the best prepared to deal with the public in offering the most up to date dental services and help. You also get access to dental resources similar to

3. Access to a Catalog

There are various products and services available to dental professionals and joining a dental society offers various discounts for obtaining these goods and services. It also gives a trusted location for finding the various products and services needed in the world of dentistry. A dental professionals’ life is busy, and therefore, membership in a dental society saves time in finding appropriate products and services.

4. Access to Business Products and Services

If you are a dentist, there are various business products and services that you will need to work in your profession. Membership in a dental society can give you resources that have not only been chosen for those in the dental profession but that are discounted as well. For example, telephone services for working with patients most efficiently and productively can be offered. Discounts on physical products needed to run a practice can be found. As well as discounts on other items that a dental professional may desire, such as discounts on cars or vacations.

5. Access to Promotional Products.

It’s one thing to launch a dental practice. It’s quite another to get it seen by the public. Membership in a dental society can help you get your dental practice promoted and off the ground with website services and social media services offered by professionals who know how to get businesses seen.

6. Access to Lifestyle Benefits

A dental professional who is working in practice will be interested in services that will benefit him or her while the practice is being run. For example, health and fitness resources would be of interest to ensure a healthy lifestyle while running a busy practice. Financial considerations are also in place when running a dental practice, such as the need for debt resources while the business is being run. Also, considerations for down the road would be of importance, such as retirement resources.

There are many benefits to belonging to a dental society for your professional dental life. Believe it or not, ADA members can even get discounts of a Mercedes-Benz. Membership dues are typically conducted annually for your convenience.